Alexey Moroz (English)

Alexey Moroz, 1957: economy, technical equipment

  • Leningrad institute of cinema engineering, diploma in cinema engineering, 1980;
  • Moscow postgraduate institute for managing personnel of the chemical industry, diploma in economy,1987;
  • Central stationary language courses, English intensive (3 years), Kiev, 1979.

Translation experience:
 Since 1999. Translating of books in economy for different publishing houses. Operations manuals, technical documentation. About 9000 pages.

Major projects: 

  • Macmillan Dictionary of Modern Economics, general editor David W. Pierce;
  • Internet Trading Course – the complete course in online investment, Alpesh B. Patel, Priyen Patel;
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management, James C. Van Horne, John M. Vachowicz Jr.
  • Practical Business Statistics, Andrew F. Siegel;
  • Self Development for Sales People, Stephen Coomber.

Technical documentation: equipment for atom power-stations, John Deer’s combines, Caterpillar’s wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators. Articles for Russian magazine "Vinomania" about winemaking technologies and equipment for winemaking (books: Don & Petie Kladstrup, Wine and War; Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, Robert M. Parker Jr. – 1000 pages). Articles for Moscow magazine "Water and Wastewater”.