Vladimir Popov (English-Russian/Ukrainian-English)

Vladimir Popov, 1946 : Software, PC equipment, technical equipment


  • Kiev Shevchenko university, diploma in physics
  • English studied at language courses by Shevchenko university, 1974, and improved it through very much practice. 

Translation experience
Since 1975 translated 20 books in software for different publishing houses, author of several software editions, translated scientific-technical documentation in mechanic, electronic. The total number of translated pages 15 000.

Major projects: 

  • Books translated from English into Russian: Frame Relay Internetworking by Liza Henderson and Tom Jenkins, ISBN: 0-7821-2519-0 (Engl.) and 5-93517-013-2 (Rus.), Vek+; 
  • Mastering Active Server Pages 3 by A. Russell Jones, ISBN: 0-7821-2619-7 (Engl.) and 966-7140-17-2 (Rus.), Vek+; 
  • Beginning SQL by John Kauffmann et al., ISBN: 1-861001-80-0 (Engl.) and 5-94774-006-0 (Rus.), Binom Knowledge Laboratory;
  • Revolutionary After Effects 5.5 by G.J. Kingsnorth et al., ISBN: 1-903450-78-0 (Engl.), 5-93208-167-8 (Rus.), Binom Knowledge Laboratory;
    Linux: TCP/IP Network Administration by Scott Mann and Mitchell Krell, ISBN: 0-13-032220-2 (Engl.), 5-9518-0040-4 (Rus.), Binom Press.